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Romantic Wedding
in the Fall 


Jaymee and Marco met in college and were friends before even being in a relationship. But what I found very beautiful in their story was that Marco went to Jaymee's parent's house and ask them if they could start dating! I mean c'mon! That's unheard off nowadays! #chilvalrydefinitelynotdead


Check out their happily ever-after!

Rustic Vintage Wedding Inspired

How to test if a relationship will last? Customize your pick-up truck, tour around the country for 60 days and see what happens! That is just what Julia and Christian did and it made them stronger that I got to document their beautiful wedding day!


Rikka Koleszko

Lifestyle Wedding


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KAWILI PHOTOGRAPHY is a lifestyle wedding photography based in Connecticut whose style is candid and inspiring, with a touch of cinematic flair and a mix of Lomography. Experienced in family intimate weddings, elopements, destination weddings and traditional weddings. We are available for world travel wherever love may take us! 

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